The Hobart Commuter: what bike?

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The Hobart Commuter: what bike?

Postby meika » Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:26 am

My twenty year old Diamond Back MTB is due for retirement. Way passed actually. This is pre-suspension. And I'm looking for a replacement suitable to my Hobart commuting and trail habits.

I ride 16km to work, mostly on the bikeway, but I live up the mountain aways, and cycle recreationally on it's trails (pipeline track and NorthSouth) and so it needs to handle that off-the-bitumen without it being some kind of downhill extreme sport machine. I don't like the extra suspension etc.

So I need some help with terminology, I am not asking what sort of bike I should get, or what brand, or what model, (well okay if you must) but what terms should I google for given that 'commuting' in most of the world doesn't include 300+m climbs on gravel tracks (when I take the scenic route if I have some extra time.) "Hobart commuting" is not like commuting in Melbourne or Amsterdam. Is there some West Coast US or BC term for this.

Basically a 700mm machine with none/less suspension, which could be what is now called a 29er hardtail, or some sort of commuter city hybrid.


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