Submission to the Office of Road Safety - WA

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Submission to the Office of Road Safety - WA

Postby Aushiker » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:01 pm


In December 2011 I made a submission directly to the Office of Road Safety and cc the Minister of Road Safety and the vulnerable users representative on the Office of Road Safety, the RAC. Well I got a response of sorts from the Minister and from the Office of Road Safety; nothing from the RAC.

Frankly I found the response from the Office of Road Safety quite disappointing and to me it highlights that we have a long way to go on getting the Office to act on vulnerable road safety issues despite their involvement in the OLA forums. I am please but to find out that the BTAWA is also making a submission to the Office of Road Safety so hopefully that will add more impetuous to getting real outcomes.

The key part of the Minister's response was:

The Government takes cycling safety very seriously and initiatives by the government to improve cycling safety include school and community education, improved speed enforcement, the introduction of 50km/h urban speed limits and expansion of the network of cycle paths in Perth and regional WA.

Community education includes the ‘Road Sense’ campaign in The West Australian to remind people about general road rules and regulations relevant to every day driving which are not always fully understood or complied with.

Road Sense has been running since August 2001 and messages relating to cyclist safety have included. ln view of your concerns, l have asked that articles related to cycling safety continue in future editions of Road Sense.

To further improve safety outcomes for cyclists the Road Safety Council, through its road user representative (the RAC), has been conducting forums to identify further measures that can be introduced by the government and other stakeholders.

The third and final forum will be held in early 2012. The Road Safety Council will then prepare recommendations for the government. I can assure you that the government will give every consideration to any identified actions.(my bold)

The key part of the Office of Road Safety's response was:

The Road Safety Council’s primary focus for cyclist safety in recent years has been on reducing the speed at which vehicles are travelling.


Notwithstanding these initiatives, it is acknowledged that knowledge and acceptance of the road rules by motorists is one area that requires ongoing attention.


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