When will M2 reopen...

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Re: When will M2 reopen...

Postby vosadrian » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:31 am

caneye wrote:as of yesterday, M2 westbound AFTER PHR is ready for riding. the road shoulder was cleaned, resurfaced and repainted. even has newly painted "bicycle" logos on it. in fact, i saw a cyclist riding west-bound yesterday.

However, the PHR intersection remains a dog's breakfast. the only way Mr Rapha would've been able to cycle west-bound yesterday was to ride in traffic, ie take the lane for 200-400m after the PHR on-ramp west-bound. we're talking about sharing the lane with cars travelling at 100kmh here ..

ALSO, on the PHR off-ramp west-bound, there are still barricades in place preventing riders from continuing on the M2. like i said, a dog's breakfast.

Is there any progress on riding on the M2 PHR to Seven Hills? Likely to be before the end of the year?

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