Please Date My Malvern Star?

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Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby kenwstr » Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:00 pm


I just completed my 1st ever B2B on a Malvern Star I bought in 2nd hand 1980. It looked old then, pretty much as it does now so my thoughts are that it may be 1960s. It didn't seem to be in good enough condition to be 1970s plus it has a lot on non original parts which seems to argue for an older bike. The photo below makes it look a lot better than in real life. It has a sticker under the crank that may be a frame number but it is not very legible, perhaps "M 63883".
This seems to be the right forum to find out many things Malvern star.

So can anyone date this bike?

After leaving it in the garage a long time, I started using it for exercise to stave off health issues but a workmate suggested I do the B2B. So I put in some extra distances, got it running pretty well and managed 2:52 in the 70 km B2B short course. Not a startling result I know but for my 1st ever road race at age 56 I think I did OK. I have thought about doing it up but would like to know what it is and where I'm taking it 1st.


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Re: Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby trailgumby » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:24 pm

Welcome to the forum

Can't help you on the date, but it looks like a very nice bike. Well done on the B2B, that's an excellent time.

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Re: Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby bicyclepassion » Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:23 pm

ithink the frame is mid 1970's, basic Malvern Star Sportstar, or similiar model. As you say, the parts are not original to that frame. Warren

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Re: Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby kenwstr » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:00 pm

bicyclepassion wrote:ithink the frame is mid 1970's, basic Malvern Star Sportstar, or similiar model. As you say, the parts are not original to that frame. Warren

Thanks for the replies.

Looking around, it does look like a Sportstar frame. Any precise years of manufacture for these?
Mid 70s Hmm, It has always been a bit of a conundrum as the style of the frame does look 70s to me as well. However the history of the bike is that it belonged to an enthusiast who set it up as his road training bike, hence the Weinmann quick release centre pull brakes, tourney crank set and a tight cluster with a light weight derailleur (since replaced) it had when I bought it. It was then sold to a student whom I bought it off as a student myself in 1980-81. So I am at least the 3rd or 4th owner by 1980-81 and that is a lot of history for a bike only 5-6 years old. Also the baked enamel finish was pretty knocked around worn and faded and the decals almost gone and illegible. So the condition and history seem at odds with a mid 70s date but the style doesn't seem really 60 either except the later 60s was a transitional period of style change when the dragstar came out (I had one in primary school). So I have wondered if my Sportstar might date closer to the 1969-1970.

I have added some photos that may help: ... 339023773/

If I do it up, I don't think I'd want to restore to original factory condition as I like the upgrades which also show some history. However I would like to restore the frame which means a refinish and decals. It is a metal flake baked enamel but is that possible to do these days? I see examples these days of powder coating and spray painting and have restored an old Swift some 30 years ago with a respray but the finish is soft and prone to damage.

Can powder coating do metal flake?

The images include the decals layout and I am wondering what my options for getting the right ones?

Much of the chrome is scratched or thin with rust showing through. What is parts availability likely to be?

The front forks don't look the same as other Sportstar images I have come across are these a ring in or perhaps just a variation?

There is a star on the headset and I am wondering what that may have originally looked like, colours etc?

Where can I get old school Weinmann brake horn covers?

The main crank set cog is getting pretty worn. What are my options for replacement?
It's currently running a 6 speed cluster 13-34 with 39-52 crankcase (45-52 when I bought it) which is a bit of an ask changing from low to high. A triple range set might go easier but I don't know if the alignment is possible as the 6 speed is at the limit now. Where can I find out about all this and get good old school parts?

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Re: Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby bicyclepassion » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:06 pm

Thats a hell of a lot of questions for one bike.

It has the 'unit' Bottom Bracket, a pain in the #%&%^, but can be sorted
It may have a 21mm ID fork steerer, which Malvern Star used in the 1970's. Check the stem, it may have .833 stamped on it. A normal 7/8 .875, 22.2 mm stem wont fit.
The frame could be as early as 1972. I might be wrong.
The plastic star was black with a chrome plated outline.
Those decals were available in 1972 and later, I bought some and put them on my first 5 star when I did it up the first time. They were available in chrome with black, and chrome with red writing. I used both on various bikes back then. They crop up on ebay now and then.
The Weinmann brake hoods are available, but real ones may cost more than the bike.
Aftermarket, cheap hoods will fit the Weinmann levers. Most of the later japanese, taiwanese and then chinese brake levers were exact copies of the Weinmann dimensions. Even the first Dura Ace were the same in 1972/5.
Hope this helps,

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Re: Please Date My Malvern Star?

Postby Old Postie » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:33 pm

Hello Malvern Star fans,
Another addition to my stable is a rather neglected old Malvern Star (2 star) 28 inch ladies bike. Some rust spots and a dodgy
rattle can makeover. Details - Front hub stamped- Eska. Rear coaster hub stamped- Favourite 0712, Pedals-Phillips England,
Cranks- Magistroni, Rear rim- Rigida Deco=A=. Sprung saddle brand - Fleet. Has a skirt guard fitted. Given to me by a farmer I
helped volunteering (Blaze Aid) on flood recovery fencing. Frame bottom tube has a curved tube attached with 2 spacers. The serial
numbers stamped near the top of the seat tube read 57M with 13851underneath. Am I right in assuming the bike was built 1957 in
Melbourne ? I've got "retro bike fever" bad now and line up every week waiting for the tip recycle center to open hoping for the next
penny black to turn up. Regards to all.

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