Go! Fix... coming (very) soon

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Go! Fix... coming (very) soon

Postby Omar@Go-Alliance » Tue May 28, 2013 9:04 pm

The new reporting tool and mobile application Go! Fix from Go! Alliance working with SeeClickFix is now only weeks away from launch! We are finalising the categories and design for release across all mobile platforms and an online version thanks to the recent helpful inputs from members of the cycling community including here on BNA.

In just 3 clicks on the free Go! Fix mobile App anyone will be able to identify and report a road hazard, report a stolen or abandoned bike, identify a pinch point or make a request for a bike rack or ramp (among other options). Each report is automatically geo-tagged and allows a picture to be attached. A corresponding flag then appears on the Go! Fix map.

Anyone can see what has been reported and any updates can be entered on the mobile or dedicated web page (we plan to offer it here within BNA!). Alerts can also be set based on user defined boundaries.

We have already gained a number of endorsements though there are still opportunities for sponsors, BUGs and community groups to support the application and to be recognised within it and the areas they cover. Interested councils are also encouraged to get in touch to see how they can tap their systems into the community reports. Follow-ups through Omar@go-alliance.net

More about Go! Fix, our supporters and the launch date soon...

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Re: Go! Fix... coming (very) soon

Postby Aushiker » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:34 pm

So we already have Neatstreets which reports hazards directly to Councils etc; we have the Green's Blackspot website, we have SnapSendSolveand app and now this ...

Please do explain how you have improved what we already have ...


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