SLR-1 55mm Carbon Clincher Wheel

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SLR-1 55mm Carbon Clincher Wheel

Postby Shpox » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:26 pm

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone owns these OEM wheels that usually come with the Propel?

I'm currently running a Reynolds carbon clincher, but on the Propel's V-brakes, the braking is extremely poor, even if proprietary brake pads. They don't have a positive feel and are undescendable. A family member owns a Propel, and the braking on these SLR1 seems pretty damn close to Aluminum rims. I feel like I could actually stop. They didn't seem to spin up as quick and aren't as stiff, but this wasn't too bad as they felt pretty comfortable.

The LBS is selling a pair for about $1400. ... road-black

From what I've read, the hubs are okay and are DT Swiss Internals.

I'll be using these wheels as an all round wheel, for commuting, training, racing so I'm after a do it all.
An alternative might be Wiggle's Cosine for similar dollars, but I actually trust Giant product more.

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