Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

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Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby Tegy » Thu May 04, 2017 6:46 pm

Hi all.

After a 29er for mainly all terrain Mt biking & if I need urban riding. My understanding is I can just swap the wheels quickly when wanting to ride in urban areas, plus suspension has a lockout if needed. I usually abuse my bikes a bit as I like riding hard & weight around 105kg.

For the suburbs heavier bikes don't worry me, due to extra stuff I might carry in a backpack, to me the tyres are the biggest difference.

I have read the frame is the most important part of the bike so I wan't the best frame that I can get so the bike lasts along time.

I'm not sure what a decent budget is for a tough good hardtail & dual suspension if someone could recommend please. Is $2500 for a 29er still too cheap for a good frame? If I could I would prefer rear suspension too as long as they can be stiffened up & locked out.


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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby eldavo » Thu May 04, 2017 7:12 pm

1st? :D

From a recreational lone wolf suburban and
beach 25km radius rider...

Trek Stache 29+ hardtail can run 27.5 to 29 to 29+, single speed or belt drive Rohloff and rigid front if you want lighter.

If riding at speed downhill and want suspended rider comfort, Thudbuster LT with firmness preload and elastomer selectable. I've chosen to firm up I think on all my bikes and now just with Brooks as stage 1 comfort. I'm finding I'm not seated when it's rough or am active on the legs light in saddle not dead saddle weight, plus 3in tyre at 12-15psi isn't buzzbutt harsh. Riding a benchmark limestone rough section of bush reserve trail on 23c encourages me to be out of the saddle and ride faster, so may be part of the hardtail secret as well.

I only have 2 of the Stache 29+ so not a biased fan or anything :D

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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby trailgumby » Thu May 04, 2017 10:43 pm

You wont get much of a dually for 2.5k unless you go secondhand. I'd be looking at 29ers between 120mm to 140mm travel.

I have a Cannondale Trigger 29er that I quite like. Full XT transmission and brakes bought for $2k. Trek also makes a damn fine 120mm travel trail 29er that I felt instantly at home on when I test rode it. The Trance 29er is a good ride as well if you can get one - unfortunately no longer made since Giant tried to defy physics and shift the market to 27.5. I hear they've learned their lesson though and are set to bring the 29er back to their range.

Wheels and tyres make the most difference to ease of pedalling on the road. The rubber on my Trigger offers oodles of grip but ain't so easy to pedal, even on short travel rear end mode.

Does that help?

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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby rangersac » Fri May 05, 2017 9:53 am

A Canyon Neuron is a lot of bike for about $2.8K delivered, XT/ SLX drivetrain, a Reba/ Monarch suspension platform, and reliable Deore brakes. Otherwise you'll be hunting for clearance sales to get something at that price. I'd steer clear of the Giant 29ers though until they get their geometry sorted, they still run pretty old school steep head angles and a long reach which doesn't suit everyone. Trailgumby is on the money with a second hand purchase though, if you know what you are looking at, or have a mate that can help $2.5K would by a very nice second hand ride.
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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby silentbutdeadly » Mon May 08, 2017 2:59 pm

Polygon Siskiu D8.0 is worth a squiz. Not a 29er but a 27.5 and perhaps a little more XC than AM (which will make urban use less of a chore). And yet there's 120 mm travel and a burly frame. Recon Gold fork/Monarch shock, SLX/XT driveline, Mavic Crossride wheels and a two grand pricetag.
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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby Calvin27 » Mon May 08, 2017 3:28 pm

Gonna buck the trend here and say buy two bikes.

$1500 for the hardtail
$100 for the urban commuter.

Whenever people say 'lock the suspension' out I just automatically say get two bikes.

If you must though $2500 is doable for a dually - just got to be patient and check listings for sales etc. Good old Jonny Sprockets has Lapierre duallys on sale a week or two ago.
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Re: Help with buying a really good All Mt + Urban 29er

Postby BAW » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:51 am


Have you purchased a bike yet? I purchased a BMC Fourstroke FS01 29 Carbon and used it literally a couple of times on the road before injuring my back last year (not whilst riding) so riding is now off the table for me. It's an awesome bike and cost be big bucks ($9k) but it now just sits in my garage so it's best to find a new home for it. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you full details.

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