Poor form, on the roads (Rant here)

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Poor form, on the roads (Rant here)

Postby rebilda » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:02 am

Just back from a quick spin down to Waterfall & back (South of Sydney)
On my return leg, I caught up to two guys who had been riding at a similar speed to me but a fair distance ahead (they were caught at a set of lights).
Sitting in behind these guys turned out to be a Big mistake!
They were weaving left/right, the whole way. Jutting out into traffic without looking, or signalling and then abusing the cars that nearly hit them and tooted the horn! (it was at that point I backed off and created a bit of distance between me and them)
At a Ped crossing in Sutho, the slower of the two rode straight through a red light to catch up to his mate.... to the disgust of the fellow I was riding next to at that stage.
So.... to the two guys this morning. One in a blue Two Monkeys Kit, the other with a white Jet Cycles jersey and a Fluro Yello Pinorello with white wall tyres. You are seriously just F*(AT)#ing it up for everyone else! Riding like complete C@&%s !!
If you cant hold your line, or ride with even just a little bit of respect for anyone else on the road, then Please.... Dont come down to the Shire! We dont need you here.

End of Rant!!
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