new cycling infra proposals Randwick

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new cycling infra proposals Randwick

Postby zebee » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:13 am ... Centennial

includes a bidirectional fronm Sturt St, skirting the Five Ways and paralleling Anzac toward the racecourse.

Not my area as although I have friends there I tend to motorbike to them to save time. Presumably this is about keeping cycling students off Anzac Pde as things must be a bit tight there with the light rail.

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Re: new cycling infra proposals Randwick

Postby LateStarter » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:24 am

Another ( like Doncaster Rd) 2.4m bi-directional cycleway, IMHO 2.4m is dangerously narrow with cycle-cycle gap of 100-300mm, one wobble and you get a 25-50kph head on crash, no thanks, not for me, these designs are very much 3rd best solution, most of the benifit is for the motor vehicles getting those annoying bicycle off the road. The 2.4m along Doncaster includes the 400mm gutter which is often not level with the tarred section of the proposed cycleway and thus the effective width of the bi-di is 2.0m or less. The justifying surveys say that non-cyclists want "separated" cycleways before they will ride but passing another cyclist with a gap of 200mm on the 2.4m bi-di is likely to scare them even more.

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