Stolen: BH Emotion EVO 27.5 ebike - Macquarie Park, Sydney

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Stolen: BH Emotion EVO 27.5 ebike - Macquarie Park, Sydney

Postby ebiker » Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:56 pm

*** Bike details:

BH Easy Motion (or EMotion) EVO 27.5 electric mountain bicycle with 27.5 wheels. It is the 2017 model and it's in red/orange/black color (I think this model also comes in different colors but I am not sure). When stolen, it had front and rear mud guards (the brand is called "Mudhugger", but I never put the logo stickers on them) attached on it using cable zip ties. When stolen, it didn't have its display attached. By default, the bike comes with a red-coloured display but maybe it can work with other displays of different colour. The bike was stolen with a front light mount attached on it (for the light Serfas E-Lume 850). The rear of the bike had the original safety red reflector. The bike has an integrated battery and a rear 48V hub motor.

Here is a Google Drive folder with some pictures of the bike: ... sp=sharing

*** When and Where:

It was stolen from the main underground Parking of Macquarie Park Village (MPV) in Macquarie Park. MPV is a massive residential block at the corner of Epping and Herring roads. It was stolen sometime between Friday 5PM July 20th and Monday 10AM July 23rd.

*** Reward ($1000 total):

The first person who will provide sufficient and solid information that will lead to the capture of the perpetrator and the recovery of the bike will be awarded with $500 and $500 respectively. I am serious.

If anyone sees or knows something please send me a PM.

Thank you for your time.


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