Navigating the airport right now

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Navigating the airport right now

Postby number21 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:13 pm

First couple of commutes in some time from the South around Kingsford Smith and into Ultimo, avoiding the tunnel at all costs. Seems there's lots of concurrent works going on around the area, wondering if anyone has found a reasonably simple and safe way through?

I'd normally ride up through the back of Brighton under the M5 and around Tempe reserve before getting on the bike path through to Coward st.
So the path through Tempe reserve is all cut up, then requiring crossing then recrossing the Princes Highway to navigate this. Other options are taking the Marsh St bridge either on the road which feels dicey at peak times or the path which is narrow and occasionally congested with people possibly with luggage.
Returning, again I'd normally got through Tempe reserve then under the M5, but as explained above needing crossing the highway twice. Day 1, I followed the path towards the airport and ended up on the newly constructed blue path into the international terminal parking lot, then around and up over the Marsh St bridge. Day 2 only other option I could see was carrying on along the bike path up over the bridge on the crappy narrow path against the traffic.
Surely there's a better way?!

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