A reminder for the weekend - South Perth Bike path

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A reminder for the weekend - South Perth Bike path

Postby Gunnadothat » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:29 pm

Hi All,
Just a quick reminder leading into the weekend that the 4WD show is on at MacCallum Park (Fri/Sat/Sun) immediately adjacent to the Bike Only path along the South Perth/Vic Park foreshore.

As per last year,
1) a number of beverage stands are located on the opposite side of the path from the main display area, which means pedestrian traffic across the bike path.
2) car parking is located to the east and west of the display area, which means that pedestrian traffic will likely be walking along the bike path.
Caution is advised.

Link to the map for info: http://www.4wdshow.com.au/images/p4wdshow---eideiluhee.pdf

Also highly anticipated as per last year, a very polite request from me to show attendees on the bike only path to give way resulting in abuse and threatening behaviour usually exhibited by some of the worst on the roads in said 4WDs.

Time to brush up on Reg 204 of the RTC I think.

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