Speed limit and limiters on cars and trucks

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Speed limit and limiters on cars and trucks

Postby opik_bidin » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:01 pm

I've been thinking about these speeding problem and how cars nowadays can go fast.

Isn't it time to put speed limits in cars?

Here in Australia, I think most places would have an upper limit of 100 km/h (CMIIW), then every car, truck, bus etc that used public roads should be limited to 100 km/h only and cannot go beyond that. What is the point of having Ferrari's, McLarens, etc that can go 200 km/h or even higher when they can't be legally used? And don't we already have the tech? High speed should only be limited to race tracks

Another thing is speed limiter on the control board of the car, I'm thinking the position is at the dashboard or steering wheel, probably looking something like this (CMIIW or make a better one)

here as the switch is pointing towards 40, the vehicle cannot go beyond 40 km/h. So there would be no problem for people who can't control their feet and erases the need to switch views between the speedometer at the dashboard and windscreen.

Could this be implemented in Australia so everybody is safer?

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Re: Speed limit and limiters on cars and trucks

Postby ironhanglider » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:42 pm

Many modern cars already have limiters.

My 2007 Citroen does and I find it very useful. I rarely drive in built up areas without the limiter on because it lets you focus on driving rather than on the speedometer. However the tradeoff with all the constantly changing limits around the place is that you have to divert your attention in order to reset the limiter.



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