Keep left on paths: Head-on collision severity

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Keep left on paths: Head-on collision severity

Postby eldavo » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:02 am

I heard from a new colleague who is a group rider, that one of their social group was solo riding involved in a head-on it appears with a lady on a section of Roe Hwy PSP. The lady has a broken collar bone, and the gent was initially responsive is now in an induced coma with suspected paraplegia from a broken C3 iirc.

Our new colleague didn't mention this incident of his riding friend at the time, but earlier in the week he asked about my cycle commute route, I noted I avoided my direct option Reid Hwy shoulder route when he asked. I said I preferred the shared paths avoiding the 90kph zone passing speeds, un-swept shoulder debris, and the knowledge of motorcycle and emergency lane serious incidents and fatalities along with the constant reminder of regular traffic incidents of motor vehicles unable to avoid colliding with each other.

My response was the half hour longer shared path route was more relaxing without driveway path traffic a regular threat at some suburban connecting sections, compared to shared path hazards that I usually have more time/vision to accommodate.
I did say however the largest risk on the shared paths I encounter is the oncoming rider failing to keep left, usually in high speed or blind sections, with 2 x 25kph giving a >50kph impact speed potential.

I have saved this older couple of articles of a shared path rider who became a quadriplegic after a head on collision with a rider failing to keep left on the path. ... h-head-on/

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