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Bicycles Network Australia has a team of cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals who can review products / services / events.

Reviews give your business / organisation a broad and long-term exposure to the Australian cycling audience.

Should you be interested in having a review, please register your interest via email and provide brief details.
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Notable Reviews on BNA
Here is a small selection of reviews that have previously featured on

BMC Road Racer SL01
Bullit Clockwork Cargo Bike
Bakfiets Dutch Cargo Bike
Spot Rocker 29er
Reid Cycles Aquila
Gazelle Innergy eBike
Vanmoof No. 3
Pro-Lite Gallilo & Cuneo
Montague Swissbike MTB
ContourGPS Camera
Nutcase Helmets
MiniDV Video Camera
Polar CS600X
Supernova E3 Pro
Thrones Bike Seat
2XU X-Light Membrane jacket
Ortlieb Vario daypack
Ergon GP1 Grips