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Eurobike Selle Trends

With the advent of carbon fibre modern, day seat technology has evolved quicker than ever before to the point where old fashioned Brooks saddles are even becoming a serious alternative for riders, inparticular long distance rides such as Audax where comfort and support as as important as performance.

Brooks Imperial

Despite what you may think, the Brooks Stand was infact not the best stand at the Eurobike however it came quite close. The stand was part of Selle Royal, Selle Royal is actually responsible for reviving the legendary English brand, and it was small and crowded though with as much English style feeling that was possible between Italian accents. Brooks have release a new saddle, the Imperial based upon saddle design from the 1890’s. The cut away in the top claims to relieve perenial pressure just like it did 100 years ago and also to match the colour schemes of this years newest fixed wheel and single speed bicycles, there are extra ‘ties’ in white red and blue that can be used to replace the black ‘tie’.

Selle Italia Spinnaker

Selle Italia were infact heading in a completely direction. The Selle Italia stand was not buzzingas much as those of other seat companies when I visited however they presented seat concepts which were far more interesting than elsewhere. These design concept studies are an evolution of seat form and the Spinnaker and Nite Hawk also have integrated seat post solutions. In the case of the Spinnaker it is almost possible to imagine a racing frame with built in carbon seat post that no longer has to be sawn off as the seat is already attached – pity if the height is wrong.

Selle Italia Nighthawk

The Nite Hawk is a concept in which I would imagine the three parts (front, left, right) can be individually positioned and tilted to provide the best performance and best match the rider ergonomics – it wouldn’t look out of place on Batmans bicycle.

Selle Italia Sportstourer

A highlight is a white womans Sport Tourer saddle where diamonds really are a girls best friend. Although the saddle was enclosed in a glass showcase, I doubt that the Sport Tourer really had diamonds on top. Considering how uncomfortable I find a womans saddle to be, I don’t think that this would change my mind however will let you be the judge.

Christopher Jones
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