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Your Team, Our Team, Team Jaggad

Are you little overweight? A bit slow in the bunch? Jaggad still want you to be part of Team Jaggad. It is not a ticket to Pro Cycling Tour events, rather, this clever new idea is a goal orientated program that has participants striving to achieve.

The cyclewear company Jaggad already invests in athletes with sponsorship programs and development groups, the latest concept however invites all cyclists (and triathletes) to participate. For a registration fee of $100 (or $200 for the ‘plus’ program) a member gets a team kit (to the value of $200 or $500 depending on the program) plus 10% clothing discount off online purchases. While this is good news for Jaggad, participants get additional benefits in the form of Jaggad Dollars when they achieve their personal training or competive goals. The Jaggad Dollars can be used to purchase more Jaggad gear.

In a traditional sense, the team is more of a club with the concept being rolled out for Australia and the US. Participation in events as a team however is possible, a team of four ‘Jaggad’ cyclists recently participated in the Token 12 hour (Sydney) in January. To further encourage the sense of unity, the company website will also feature athletes and profiles, information about goals and current achievements, plus will encourage communication between fellow participants and feedback and advice from experts.

Team Jaggad is in the early stages however is well thought-through idea. Not only does it have potential to attract new customers and increase sales for Jaggad, on the flip-side, participants (Team Jaggad members) also gain with tangible benefits as well as the psychological advantages of goal orientation.

Details and Information: www.jaggad.com

Christopher Jones
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