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$150,000 Scandinavian 24 Carat Gold bike.

The economic crisis is not dampening the creative vision for the luxury bike segment. Recently the Factor 001 roadbike made the news as Formular 1 inspired road available for around 20,000 ?. The Gold Bike Crystal Edition doesn’t make any claims for technological improvement or extreme speed or weight savings. The first buyer has reserved space on his wall for this fixed wheel work of art.

Aurumania, which means "pre-occupied with gold", are banking on the fixed wheel trend. The first products available from the newly formed Danish design company are fixed wheel bikes. The entry level model is  more affordable, the Night Bike is completely black, except for gold plated spokes and is available for 2000 Euro (about $3,800 Australian). For ten times the price, 20,000 Euro, a Aurumania fixed wheel with gold plated frame and fork is yours, though with a limit of 50 bicycles, you will have to act quickly.

The top of the line is the 80,000? (approx. $150,000 Australian) Gold Bike Cristal Edition where virtually every surface is gold plated, including hubs, spokes, rims, cranks, pedals and the chain ring and cog. The hand crafted bike is taken to the next level with 600 Swarovski crystals adorning the frame for an added bling effect.

Aurumania Gold Bike

There are no details about the frame sizes available, let along the more interesting question of the frame weight. As this bike is destined to be displayed on a wall, Aurumania have a single accessory available – a gold plated rack (mount) for hanging your new art work on the wall.

Available from Aurumania

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