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Conti shows how hot their rubber is

Continental has signed Atherton Racing riders Dan, Gee and Rachaelas well as showing of their new Kaiser and Rain King tyres both made from Chilli Compound that they will be roosting on in 2009.

De Kaiser
In the lab, the 26×2.5" Kaiser shows off with its profile design, casing angles and the compound recipe. On course, it readily navigates the rocky, muddy, slopes of World Cup DH courses. Combining a double-walled casing with a special soft & tacky Black Chili compound formed into a brand new DH-specific tread pattern. 

THE Rain King
As if World Cup DH courses are not difficult enough, add rain to the mix and you get the most demanding course conditions of all! The 26×2.5" Rain King features an aggressive, open tread pattern that is designed to bite deeply into soft, muddy conditions, but then immediately shed the mud to keep you hooked-up under hard cornering and braking. The special Black Chili rain compound is promoted as delivering amazing traction over wet rocks and roots that leaves the others picking themselves out of the trees. "When it’s all you can do to keep your goggles clear, your feet on the pedals, and your bike on course,  the Rain King is the pick to get you to the line first."

website: www.continental.com/en

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