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T-Mobile/Telekom Probe Continues

The investigative report on Freiburg University Clinic and doping within Team T-Mobile/Telekom and their 64-page report is expected to be published mid May.

The commission spent two years looking into Doctors Lothar Heinrich and Andreas Schmid who have admitted setting up a doping system t Freiburg University Clinic between 1995 and 2006 for Team T-Mobile/Telekom.

Andreas Kl?den and Matthias Kessl along with teammate Patrik Sinkewitz were given a forbidden blood transfusion in July 2006 assisted by one of the two Drs mentioned in the report.

Astana team spokesman Philippe Maertens has stated there isn’t any grounds for action against either Kloden or Kessel.

"We spoke to Kloeden about the allegations, and he’s repeated that he had nothing to do with the whole thing," Maertens said.

The German news magazine Spiegel claims to have a copy of a document, although the authors of the report from the commission have a copy when it is not yet finished.

Spiegel Article Online (English)

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