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Rapha Condor Swift Jersey

Portland, OR is the home of North American cycling. The Rapha Swift Jersey is inspired by a phenomenon which happens up to 30,000 swifts congregate in the Portland skies, billowing upward and then descending in sweeping arcs. It is a ritual much like that of cyclists, climbing and descending the neighbouring mountains.

The jersey is designed by Ira Ryan, the legendary frame builder from Portland, (he once rode 750 miles from San Francisco to Portland, stopping only to sleep in roadside ditches. He was on the bike for four days). Ryan incorporates a close relative of the swift, the swallow, into the design of his bikes.

Rapha Condor Jersey

Using a vintage jersey style, the black flocked silhouettes of swifts in flight on black makes for a distinctive design. The cut is similar to that of other Rapha jerseys, using side panels to create a slim fit, and cut longer at the back. It has a classic ribbed neck and sleeve cuffs with a metal zipper to give it an old-school feel.

The jersey is made from a merino wool and polyester blend, so is ultra comfortable and high-wicking. The jersey carries 3 large, simply configured cargo pockets with reinforced seams. Interior pink highlighting and an embroidered Rapha logo finish this distinctive piece.

Website www.rapha.cc

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