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Recall: 8 Norco bike models

The ACCC has announced a recall of 8 Norco bikes including 2007 Team DH, 2008 Team DH, Aline Park, Atomik, Shore 1, Shore 2, Shore 3, 2009 Atomik (without gussets) which were sold between 2006 and 2009.

The warning has been announced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for Norco bicycles sold Australia-wide. 

The head tube area of the frame may develop cracks and could cause the head tube to separate from the remainder of the frame, causing a rider to fall from the bicycle and suffer injuries.

While Norco was imported during this time period by Sports Australasia, Pacific Brands is the new importer and enquiries that can’t be answered by dealers can be directed towards them.

Norco Recall Australia 2009

Models Affected

Norco Team DH 2007
Norco Team DH 2008
Norco Aline Park
Norco Atomik
Norco Shore 1
Norco Shore 2
Norco Shore 3
Norco Atomik 2009 (without gussets)

If you are affected

Immediately ensure that the bicycle is not ridden again and contact the current distributor of Norco bicycles in Australia, Pacific Brands Sport and Leisure, or a local Norco dealer to arrange for an inspection of the bicycle and replacement of the frame at no cost to the consumer.

For further information contact Pacific Brands Sport and Leisure on 1800 667 831.

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