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Recall: Schwalbe ULTREMO “R”

Schwalbe have release a warning today – The SCHWALBE Ultremo “R” tires that exhibit bulging should be removed from use immediately. Free of charge replacements will be supplied.

Announcement from Schwalbe:
Regrettably, some ULTREMO “R” racing tires which have been sold into the marketplace might be prone to failure while in use because of an error that has occurred during the manufacturing process. In the limited number of affected tires, the casing layer was not sufficiently rubberized and thus will show a clearly visible bulge, due to the carcass layers separating. This carcass separation will show generally after only a short time in use.

Any Ultremo “R” tires that exhibit this phenomenon should not be used. Replace the tires immediately!

Danger: Not doing so may lead to a catastrophic failure, as the casing layer can chafe and consequently cause the inner tube to burst. If you notice the phenomenon while riding, under no circumstances should you continue to ride the tires at high speeds. It is suggested that the air pressure be reduced to the minimum recommended psi while riding at a low speed and with great care.

If you have been affected by the ULTREMO “R” error we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

In Australia you can return the tyres to your dealer for a replacement or contact Schwalbe’s Australian importer , BikeBox (1800 228 229)

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