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Shoalhaven Council Staff on their Bikes for Work Appointments

Press Release: Shoalhaven City Councillors and staff have two mountain bikes to use for appointments and work in the city. The introduction of the energy saving bikes is a move to help reduce the Council’s reliance on vehicles for short trips and also to help improve the Councillors fitness levels.

The New South Wales coastal municipality of Shoalhaven purchase two mountain bikes and safety equipment in February to enable councillors and council staff to travel to and from appropriate appointments from Council’s administration centre in Bridge Road Nowra.

The mountain bikes are now being used on an appointment basis where councillors and staff can book the use of the bikes when they have a business appointment.

Shoalhaven City Mayor Paul Green said the introduction of two mountain bikes is a way of saving some costs on Council’s fleet bill but also to ensure that people, where possible, get into the idea of cycling throughout the city.

“We have a wonderful city and as civic leaders we should be doing a lot more to encourage people to use bikes for appropriate small trips around the towns and villages in the city,” Green said.
The Council is also working in conjunction with the RTA to provide funding for the installation of bicycle racks through out the city.

City Mayor, Paul Green, is also planning to tackle the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea later this year as a mentor for a number of the city’s youth who are taking the trek.

“I have been trying to get a better level of fitness for this arduous trek, and these mountain bikes will be one method of helping to achieve a good fitness level for the Kokoda Trail.”

Green also believes that it is in the community’s best interests to pursue outdoor activities that increase the general level of fitness for all people in the community.

“As many would be aware the Australian population is getting heavier and if there are smaller and more efficient ways to travel in the city which will also increase our fitness levels then Council should be pursuing these initiatives.”

The council provides online information on cycling paths and routes in Shoalhaven as well as maps and safety information.

Pictured are Shoalhaven Deputy Mayor Gareth Ward and Mayor Paul green.

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