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Sweat GUTR – Keeps Sweat out of your eyes

"Cyclists in search of the ultimate sweatband need look no further than Sweat GUTR," described by senior coach Jake Rubelt of Carmichael Training Systems as "one of the few things that you can buy these days that really makes your riding and racing experience better."

Sweat GUTR is the only sweatband that is completely saturation-proof. It is lightweight, fully adjustable, comfortable, easy to clean, and built to last. The band captures and channels dripping sweat, preventing it from running into your eyes and blurring your vision. The sleek design of the Sweat GUTR allows for improved air flow, while the sides of the band are vented for added flexibility and comfort.

The Sweat GUTR is available in two styles: a frost-colored band with a blue logo and a smoke-colored band with a white logo. The MSRP for the Sweat GUTR is $19.99.

Without having tested the Sweat GUTR a few questions arise:
– Is it comfortable?
– Does it slip (the pores under the band still sweat) ?
– Will a Euro-Chic rider wear one, is it too uncool?
– What does it mean for ‘tan lines’?

The Sweat GURT certainly promises advantages in practice, for riders suffering sweat problems however it is an affordable investment.

Available from: www.pronetcycling.com

Christopher Jones
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