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Team Diary: Lampre NGC after Stage 4 of the Giro

Lampre-NGC performed well during the 162km stage Stage 4,from Padova to San Martino di Castrozza. Both Cunego and Bruseghin rode well, until the final battle on the last climb where at 1 km to go 20 riders were left at the head of the race.

Cunego tried to go for the stage victory, but at 550 meters to go, just before the last bend, he had to unlock his pedal because of a contact when he was following Di Luca’s wheel, loosing his chance of victory. He finished in 14th place, followed by Bruseghin, with the same time of the winner Di Luca.

In the overall standing, led by Lovkvist, Cunego and Bruseghin are 8th and 9th with a gap of 42?.

"At the first test on mountains, Damiano showed a good fit, this is the important thing, even if it’s a little pity having lost the chance of victory" sport director Copeland said "Bruseghin to performed a good stage".

Three riders Lampre-NGC riders crashsed, Marzano and Da Dalto hit the ground just before the beginning of Croce D’Aune climb: no problem for Marzano, while Da Dalto was transported at Feltre, where he was subjected to X-rays that have ruled out a fracture, but indicated a strong contusion.

Gasparotto fell at the first bend on the descent of the Croce D’Aune, suffering a contusion to the hip level, but shouldn’t stop him being getting to the start line.

Website: Team Lampre NGC

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