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Team Diary: Lampre NGC attacks Stage 11

11th stage of Giro d’Italia saw Lampre NGC out on the attack, Marzano was the first to try the attack: in view of Turchino, he left the bunch and rode at the front of the peleton, with a maximum advantage of 40secs, then the sprinters’ teams chased him down.

In the Turchino downhill Cunego rosde towards the front, but the pack didn’t allow him to escape, and so Gasparotto tried to escape with Popovych (their attack lasted for more or less on kilometre); then it was Tiralongo’s turn to attack, preparing the new action by Gasparotto: the fair cyclist attacked at 2 km to go with other 3 riders, grinding away, but he didn’t find the necessary cooperation and so he had to surrender at 800 meters to go, when the sprint was launched and Cavendish obtained the victory. For Lampre-NGC, Gavazzi took part in the sprint, obtaining the 15th position.

"Today I saw in the team the proper attitude,"
Copeland commented after the race "All of our riders showed determination and their will to win. The facts didn’t give us the victory, but this is the right way".

Website: Team Lampre NGC

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