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Baglite for safer cycling

Baglite – a unique new solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting product worn over the shoulders and fitting over any backpack or bag is available now for safer cycling.

Slotting over any size bag or rucksack, Baglite provides super-bright lighting that clearly illuminates people and their bags with no need for batteries. Using a new unique 360 degree floodlight module there is a single red floodlight at the back and two white floodlights at the front attached to straps that fit to the straps of a backpack. The lights shine out from every angle so cyclists wearing Baglite will be seen clearly by motorists any time day or night from a distance of 1km. The lights can be turned on and off and set to different modes ? flashing, constant or off. Baglite provides up to six hours of light in flashing mode from a full charge.

Baglite provides light that shines out brightly from a position on the body that creates high visibility for motorists and also solves the problem of people not being seen from the side, the major cause of accidents involving cyclists. Baglite is particularly useful for commuters or training groups or even if your walking to stay illuminated without worrying about batteries running out or finding an electricity charging point.

The Solar Cells are inside the unique Pedalite solar light units and as such are an integral part of the unit and stay with the unit at all times.  There are no additional components that need to be connected to Baglite.


The lightweight lights are weather and impact resistant. Simple to fit and so comfortable to wear that you don?t know you have them on, they are maintenance free and ensure that commuters are visible and that cyclists can ride secure in the confidence that they, and not just their bikes, are clearly visible at all times.

In the master light unit, which is the light unit on the left at the front that also has the controls, a small red LED illuminates when the unit is charging. a bright sunny Summer?s day in direct sunlight you will get one hour of light out for one hour of light in to the Baglite product.  Therefore 6 to 7 hours would fully charge that unit.  As the quality of light goes down then the charge time goes up and if you do not "fill" the charge cell then the time it will run for goes down.

Baglite Details

Baglite has 6+ hours flashing light at full charge and therefore is not usually fully discharged.  In normal operation Baglite will be used for a couple of hours, turned then off and then it re-charges to full capacity.

There are two switches on the side of the master light unit (on the front on the left).

1. "Charge-On" switch and 2. "Mode" switch
The mode switch, when pressed, turns the unit from off to constant on, when pressed again the unit changes to flash mode and when pressed again to off again.The unit will charge with the "Charge-On" in either the charge or the on position.

However, it is possible when you fully discharge the lights that you leave them in either flash or constant on mode when charging them back up – this obviously means a lot of the light energy that comes into the light is immediately sent out as light through the lens and the amount of energy stored in the cell is reduced considerably.   If ever a light is fully discharged we recommend that the small switch on the side of the unit is switched to charge mode, the unit charged for about 8 hours and then the switch moved back to the on mode, moving the switch to "charge" forces the unit into an off mode so it puts all the charge into the cell.  The unit is not able to be turned back on until the "charge-on" switch is moved back to the on position.

If you put the Baglite in direct sunlight and the small red LED fails to illuminate, that means there is a problem with the unit and contact Pedalbite.

The recommended Australian retail price is $49.95. Baglite is produced by Pedalite and in Australia is imported by Classic Bicycles

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