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Charge your Mobile, Camera, GPS with Zzing

In the electronic age, the long distance touring bike rider is not completely alone as they rely on a host of electronic equiptment. What happens when there is no powerpoint? The Zzing has a solution.

The inventors, "a couple of bike riders from Berlin", were after a solution for the modern long distance bike tourist to keep them "charged". Before you loose the "shot of the day" because your camera battery is dead or you miss out on a chance to twitter your fan base because the mobile phone is dead, the Zzing gives you the change to become a little more self sufficient by using your hub dynamo to charge your equiptment.

In researching the idea, other options such as solar power were too cumbersome in order to generate the required energy. This meant that the Berliners grabbed their soldering irons and constructed the Zzing which charges 5 AA (Mignin) batteries in about 5 hours. Electronic equiptment that accepts USB charging (5 Volt) can also be powered-up while riding (an extra cable required). While this geneates less power than a normal power point, it is usually enough to keep your electronic equiptment online.

Zzing is available online for Euro 79, plus delivery Euro 15 (about $170 Australian in total). It comes in a range of colours and includes a handlebar mount. The online shop also has some accessories such as USB cables available.

Website: www.zzing.de
Online Shop: zzing shop

Zzing USB Charger - Hub Dynamo

Zzing USB Charger - Power for long distance bike touring

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