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Could this be the World’s Fastest Tire?

The Bontrager Race X Lite Aero TT lets you use less energy to ride faster. In fact, once you hit 27 kmh (17 mph) Bontrager say that you will start to shave seconds off your ride compared to the next best in class tire.

The Bontrager Race X Lite Aero TT Tires make the claim to be able to:
– save over 6 seconds in a 10k time trial
– save 31 seconds in a 40k time trial
– save 183 seconds on the Ironman cycling leg

Bontrager explain why this is the World’s Fastest Tire

Finding the World’s Fastest Tire was a matter of locating a tire with low rolling resistance that didn’t suffer from aerodynamic drag and an aero tire that didn’t feel sluggish. This Total Drag Force, measured at wind angles of 0 to 10 degree wind angles, is a combination of both aerodynamic and rolling resistance drag.

Bontrager Race X Lite Aero TT

Tubular tires do not cover the whole rim surface creating a small indentation where the tire meets the rim. Clincher tires fit inside the hook bead of the rim allowing the rim to create a lip next to the side of the tire. These lips and indentations disturb the air and that turbulence leads to aerodynamic drag. The Race X Lite Aero TT tires include a unique aero wing structure that improves airflow over the tire-rim interface.

Technical Details

– Unique aero wing design feature for improved airflow over the tire-rim interface
– Dual, silica carbon compound for incredible performance and longevity (62/58a)
– 120tpi casing is lightweight with supple ride characteristics
– Integrated breaker ply for added puncture protection
– Available in 650c and 700c sizes
– Weight: 700×19 180 grams, 700×23 195 grams

Bontrager are imported into Australia by Trek Bicycles Australia

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