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Danilo Wyss wins Beauce stage 1

BMC Team Diary: Having arrived at the Tour de Beauce with a very strong group of riders, the BMC Racing Team started the difficult stage 1 with a lot of confidence and high expectations.

Bridging up to a break which had been initiated by his own BMC teammate Chad Beyer, Danilo Wyss won the sprint from the successful escape.  In the meantime, Beyer gathered most of the King of the Mountain points, taking the lead in that as well as in the U23 competition.

A team full of GC threats

"We came here with a strong team. I think all of us could be a GC threat," Chad Beyer said.  "So, we went in to today’s stage without a designated leader and everyone made sure to mark good moves."  Beyer in fact proved himself to be one of the main animators for the entire stage when his attack helped to form what would become the winning breakaway.  "I attacked about 40km into the stage got about 10 guys off the front," Beyer explained.  "Danilo bridged up a little later with a couple other riders." Though he had missed the initial break, Wyss kept his eyes open and watched for the strong counter-attacks.  "With over 100 km to go, Chad had escaped with 9 or 10 other riders," Wyss commented.  "Soon after that, Darren Lill counter-attacked and I made sure to follow his wheel since I knew he was the type of rider who could very well bridge up to the leaders."

Racking up all the stage prizes

The continuously undulating course and three categorized climbs made it a very difficult day of racing, though the terrain would play into the hands of an escape group, helping them to stay away from the chasing pack.  The break worked well together until the final kilometers, with Beyer and Wyss grabbing most of the mountain and sprint bonification points along the way.  "I wasn’t really planning on going for the mountain points, the opportunity just presented itself and I took it," Beyer said.  "There were three climbs today and I was 1st over two and 2nd over the other."  In the meantime, Wyss proved he had the fastest legs by taking the lead in the Points classification.   All that remained was for BMC to take the stage victory too.  “Until about 5 km to the finish the group worked well together," Wyss explained.  "Then the first attacks started and by the end the group was reduced to only six riders who could still follow the accelerations."

Planning a defence

With still a lot of racing ahead, the BMC Racing Team is not taking any success for granted.  "The crit is hard, the time trial is hard and the stages are always going up and down," Team Director Mike Sayers said. "But the guys are obviously strong so we have a lot of options to play."  Even after having spent 125km in the break today, Beyer is looking to improve as the race goes on.  "I’m not sure what stage will be the hardest for me. I tend to get a little better everyday in stage races so maybe today with being in the break for 125km will be the hardest," Beyer said.  Current race leader Wyss is also aware that the team has the strength to defend the jersey.  "For the rest of the race, we’ll have to see how we go about defending the jerseys," Wyss said.  "We certainly promise to make it as good of a race as possible, that’s for sure!"

Website: BMC Racing Team

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