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Jakob Fuglsang winner of Tour de Slovenie

This was another step for the great Danish talent onto the big scene of cycling where he for a longer period of time has stolen the limelight and attention nationally and internationally. Sports director Dan Frost is not the most surprised admirer of the Dane:
"We have seen him for several years in mountain biking and his immense talent in that discipline. So I am not surprised about his potential but more amazed about how quickly he was able to switch from mountain biking to the road discipline. Abroad, and especially the French are impressed and surprised, and they are immensely curious to hear more about Jakob – especially after his achievements during the Dauphin? Lib?r? where he attacked the world elite at a time when they were very close of peaking. Tour de Slovenia is a race below the Tour of Denmark when we talk about prestige but the severity of this race is harder and the way he rode the first stage shows that there is a great rider on the way in the world of cycling".
Jakob Fuglsang was calm as always after his amazing victory:
"I’m really happy about the victory but also tired even though it was relatively easy today. Early on the stage, however, there was a great deal of anxiety and the field was divided simply because people could not keep up the speed. I was caught in the second group with Anders and Lasse and we had to fight our way back together with the others in the group. But then we got a good grip of things and we managed to keep the peloton in one piece all the way to the finish line. Now I am going to Denmark to relax, visit my friends and do the Danish championship in both time trial and road race next weekend. Then I need a long break from cycling”, said a smiling and proud Jakob Fuglsang after the final stage of Tour de Slovenia.
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