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Lampre NGC on Stage 4 of Dauphin?

Simon Spilak of Lampre-NGC finished 22nd in todays 42.4km TT in the Tour of Dauphin? Lib?r? and climbed to 23th place in general classification.

"Simon did a good time trial, which was won by Grabsch at a pace very important and watching the top positions in the order of arrival is noted that specialists runners as Evans and Contador gave the best in the crono", said Team Director Piovani.

"I am confident that Spilak after the stage of tomorrow, where we will deal with the Mont Ventoux, will return in the first 12 places of the general classification. The result today in a real time trial with the presence of wind and to push a lot with the highest ratio, is being valued as a positive test for him after a period of recovery and training outside of the races there is reason for hope."

Website: Team Lampre NGC

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