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Lampre NGC Test World Championship Circuit

Alessandro Ballan and Damiano Cunego from Lampre-NGC have recently ridden the World Championship circuit of Mendrisio.

Supported by the Organizer Commitee of Mendrisio 2009, Ballan and Cunego covered two laps of the circuit, analyzing the key points and obtaining the exact map of the route thanks to their Garmin Edge.

"It’s a very winding circuit, there’s no place to rest – Ballan said after the end of the training – The final part is good for attacks like the mine in Varese".

"The two climbs are tough and the downhills require the top of the attention", Cunego explained.

At the end of the reconnaissance, Ballan and Cunego left in order to meet the rest of the team that will take part in tour de Suisse (13-21 June).

With the sport directors Copeland and Vicino and with Cunego and Ballan there will be Bindi, Gasparotto, Gavazzi, Loosli, Massimiliano Mori and Tiralongo. In the staff there will be the mechanics Biron, Bozzolo and Carminati, the masseurs Bertolone, Capelli and Inselvini and doctor Beltemacchi.

Website: Team Lampre NGC

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