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Luis Le?n S?nchez, Bad Day at Route du Sud

Luis Le?n S?nchez, who is participating in the Route du Sud to finish his preparation before the Tour de France which will start on next July 4 in Monaco, lost more than 16 minutes in the first stage which took place today between Pau and Pau on the distance of 141 kilometers. A short stage indeed, but a difficult one considering the fact that the riders had to climb the Col of Soulor and the one of Bord?res.

"I had a bad day but it is not important because I came here to suffer with the intention of finding the rhythm of the race, which is what I really need now. I imagined it would be like that and I will for sure suffer till Sunday. That’s the reason why I came here.

"The Col of Soulor was situated after only 50 kilometers and the pace was very fast in the ascension. It was terrible for me!

"I left home on Sunday to come and see some stages of the Tour de France together with my team-mates who were coming back from the Dauphin?, so that I could not train the way I like the last three days. For sure that today I paid the consequences of those journeys which tired me a lot.

"I hope that my body will recover very soon because today I has some difficulties to breath."

Website: Team Caisse d’Epargne

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