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Nyb? takes first UCI victory for team at Rogaland GP

The Rogaland GP is a one day challenge over 197 km. The start was in Sandnes with a big lap of 170 km over J?ren with 3 climbing Hills and 5 laps in Stavanger centrum of 5,5 km.

After 4 km a group of 10 riders escaped. SparebankenVest-Ridley had two riders in the front group. H?vard Nyb? and Johan Frederik Ziesler. This breakaway was good for SparebankenVest-Ridley because they are both very good sprinters.

The main bunch kept a distance of 3-5 min during the race. But no teams really wanted to bring them back. There where a lot of good atemps to bring the breakway back again, but he 10 riders kept the distance. During the race, Ziesler took all the climbing points.

When entering the local laps and the last 30 km, Ziesler was the guy to prepare the sprint for Nyb?! This went very well and Nyb? won with a bike length!

Christopher Jones
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