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Review: Nathan’s LED Cyclist’s Vest

Vests are a good idea to help make you visible on the road, particularly in traffic where a cyclists is all to easily overlooked. RC takes a look at the Nathan LED Cyclist’s Vest.

I’ve previous looked at other illuminated vests and found they were too large, flapped around in the wind when descending and you didn’t look like a euro cyclist.  I looked for comfort, illumination, battery life, and durability.

After riding a few times with the vest, commuting every day, and with winter closing in, I’m sold on how much light weight, comfortable this vest is. If I didn’t want to wear it I can stuff it in a jersey pocket.

A cycle vest needs to be comfortable and provide the right amount of illumination. I’m sold on how comfortable the vest was and how bright it was from a distance, from front and rear.

The Nathan LED Cyclist’s Vest has a soft, close fit and a lightweight breathable mesh back, so I didn’t overheat even when I went out on training rides. The design and cut are top-notch, as is the reflectivity for road use; the extended tail keeps your backside covered from grit and rain. The only downside was I would like to see a couple of rear pockets to store extra gear.

Riders are at risk on the road, from trucks, cars, taxis, traffic jams and the elements in our car mad society. I liked  the Nathan vest for what it does,  providing more visibility than needed, the LED and reflective strips gets your attention, thanks to a removable LED kit that has a replaceable battery, the 3M Scotchlite strips on the front and rear shoulders can be seen over 1.5km away.

Riding during winter when it’s dark and often wet, it’s important for commuters to be visible to traffic and other cyclists. Although it’s not water proof you can wear it over your winter jacket without restricting your chest and arms.

The LED vest is for the urban commuter rider, with technical features that put it far ahead of other vests on the market.

Features of the Nathan’s LED Cycling Vest
–    Replaceable battery
–    360-degree visibility with 500 candlepower reflectivity
–    Reflective in three colours
–    Lightweight, breathable mesh
–    Extended tail for cycling
–    Great for running, walking, or cycling
–    Webbing loop for clip-on L.E.D.
–    One size fits all

Nathan products are imported by Everest Sports and you can pick one up online at, for example, Bike Ride (Hobart) for for $75 or the non LED version for $48.

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