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Specialized Sponsor Cyclist Health Research

Specialized have brought two doctors to Australia to present findings on cyclist health and to present their solution for fitting cyclists to their bicycles with associated products under the name of BG Fit.

Dr Roger Minkow and Dr Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA, Directors, Boulder Centre of Sports Medicine, USA will presented a white paper on the 19th June 2009 at the Sofitel Wentworth, Phillip Street, Sydney at 11am on the effects of cycling on penile blood flow and the health risks to both men and women.

Drs Minkow and Pruitt believe it’s critical for Australian’s understand the benefits of a properly fitted bike to protect their health and wellbeing as 1.2 million bicycles were purchased in Australia in 2008 alone and the Australian bicycle industry worth between $950 million and $1 billion.

“Bicycling is environmentally friendly and has obvious health & wellness benefits, however, a raft of studies show that choosing the wrong bicycle, having too narrow a seat or riding a bike which doesn’t suit your body does play a role in sexual impotence, numbness and erectile dysfunction.  And saddle-related traumas could also lead to calcified masses inside the scrotum” according to Dr Minkow.

It’s crucial for women to also get properly fitted out for cycling with seat pressure impacting on the same arteries and nerves which are engaged in sexual intercourse.

Specialized are world leaders in the development of technically advanced bicycles.  As an initiative of Specialized they engaged the help of Drs Minkow and Pruitt to develop the BG fit technology.
Together the doctors have created a complete line of Body Geometry equipment and a bicycle fit system called BG FIT that will help any cyclist ride faster, longer and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury. Body Geometry saddles have helped millions of men and women around the world ride in safety and health. Dr Minkow has created and studied pressure maps of both male and female cyclists to relieve the smallest amount of pressure in sensitive anatomic areas.

BG FIT provides quantifiable benefits and their Specialized bicycles and equipment have been used at the highest level of competition including Tour de France winners and Olympic champions.

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