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SRAM XX Released! Details & Photos

It was another cloaked action by SRAM shrouded in whispers, from photos of a Chinese SRAM XX brochure to tapped over parts and finally Julien Absalons’ World Cup win in Madrid with XX. Now it’s out, the wrappers are ready to be torn off.

SRAM XX brings he four brands (SRAM, RockShox, Avid and Truvativ) together to "craft the most advanced cross country group ever". Yes, this means that SID World Cup, SID, Reba and Revalation are all ‘integrated’ into the XX group. It looks like a ‘complete’ solution, are hubs and wheels next on the line? So just what does SRAM have in store for Cross Country and Marathon Mountain Bike Riders?

The Fastest Front Shift
X-Glide? technology incorporated into the chainrings and front derailleur means that front shifting has never been this crisp. Bymaximizing the number of perfectly aligned points between the large and small chainrings, X-Glide shifts when you shift.

SRAM XX Trigger Shifters

XX Trigger Shifters
183g per pair
One of the lightest and most compact shifters ever created, the XX Trigger features a fully adjustable carbon fiber lever, resulting in minimal weight with maximized durability. Pair the XX Trigger with the MatchMaker? X clamp to streamline your handlebar setup. The XX Trigger maintains the legacy of X.0? shifting with new features and technologies optimized for 2×10 and Exact Actuation.

SRAM XX Front Derailleur

XX front Derailleur
118g (Low Mount)
The low-profile XX Front Derailleur was designed from scratch specifi cally for 2×10. It’s a critical part of the XX shifting experience: the fastest front shift ever. Offered in a wide variety of clamp-mount and direct-mount options.


XX Crank
694g (BB30), 754g (GXP w/ BB)
Coming in at 694 grams (BB30), the XX Crank delivers amazing performance and durability with no penalties in weight. The first MTB crank specifically designed for 2×10 uses some of the world’s most advanced material science. The oversized chainrings are CNC machined from 6mm 7075 aluminum blanks-2mm thicker than the competition. Unparalleled stiffness is delivered by an increased Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) and a two-piece insert-molded carbon composite construction. The XX Crank geometry provides a narrow 156mm Q factor, efficient chainline, and beveled crank arms to maximize clearance. It’s pure science in action.

SRAM XX BB Pressfit 30

TRUVATIV Pressfit 30 with XX

The all-new PressFit 30 provides big weight savings, a narrower Q factor, and more ankle clearance in an easy-to-install, durable little black package. PressFit 30 features an integrated gutter seal underneath an aluminum-bearing shield to dramatically prolong ceramic bearing life.

XX Chainrings
The concept was simple: create a geometry that allows each chainring to be divided into equal segments, much like a pie. Then, perfect the upand downshift timing for one segment, and repeat that for each of them. However, making this idea an engineering reality was quite another thing. Prototype after prototype was built, ridden, and analyzed until we got it right. The outcome is lightning-fast and accurate front shifting, through an all-new, patented, mind-blowing performance technology: X-Glide.

SRAM XX Chainring

XX Rear Derailleur
Leveraging the legendary history of SRAM shifting, the XX Rear Derailleur delivers incredible speed and precision. Sealed ceramic pulleys give you the highest levels of durability. The carbon fi ber cage has a dedicated length specific to 2×10. Exact Actuation technology eliminates slop and shifting variation. It’s a rear derailleur perfected for ultimate off-road performance.

SRAM XX Cassette

XX Cassette
208g (11-36)
The revolutionary machined design of the XX Cassette uses the same grueling manufacturing techniques that produced the PowerDome road cassette. With X-Dome, eight of the cogs are CNC-machined together out of a single block of billet steel, creating an incredibly lightweight, precise, and strong cassette. It’s a process that takes nine hours per cassette! The aluminum large cog can be replaced as needed. You have never seen a cassette that looks like this. The open design aids in mud clearance, giving you cleaner shifting performance and longer component life.

SRAM XC Brake Caliper Rotor

XX Disc Brakes
Caliper and Rotor:
288g with Direct Mount and a 160mm rotor
No component is tested more thoroughly than the brakes, because your life may very well depend on them. With an all-new twopiece rotor design and a forged magnesium caliper, the XX Disc Brake defi nes the standard for braking performance and durability. The two-piece forged caliper allows for greater stiffness and performance in a lighter-weight package. The oversized pistons give you more stopping power with less lever pull, for easy one-fi nger braking. This is the lightest fully featured XC brake in its class, yet it delivers maximum power and control.

SRAM XX Brake Lever

Brake Levers
The XX Carbon Fiber Lever Blade is nearly 30 percent
lighter than our Juicy? Ultimate. The new U-clamp requires only one bolt, with or without MatchMaker X. Paired with the MatchMaker X clamp the XX Brake Lever gives you unparalled installation and adjustment options.

SRAM XX Front Suspension Forks

XX Front Suspension

SID, Reba, and Revelation-the RockShox? forks that command the XC and trail arena, elevated with XX Motion Control?. Already proven the world over through our BlackBox? Racing program and rigorous test-lab procedures, these forks integrate into the XX group flawlessly. Who else could bring suspension to their group offering? No one. XX Motion Control damping offers the same great characteristics as our other Motion Control dampers: efficient small-bump performance and incredible reliability in a highly tunable package. Featuring Dual Flow
rebound to accurately control beginning and ending stroke rebound, tunable low-speed compression, and the XLoc? hydraulic actuated remote to turn on our lock-out and adjust the desired Floodgate. XX Motion Control can handle rider input, small bumps, and big hits any way you see fit. Available forks featuring XX Motion Control:
SID XX World Cup, SID XX, Reba XX, and Revelation XX.


The patent-pending XX XLoc works simply: just press to open and press again to return to lock. The system is completely sealed and installs directly out of the box. The sealed system combats contamination with perfection and can be simply bled if needed. The hose is lighter and extremely fl exible for distinct actuation. Also, we’ve produced 60 grams of weight savings compared to our PushLoc?/BlackBox? Motion Control? actuated system. The minimalist design is compact and effi cient, providing superior ergonomics without compromising the cockpit. XLoc integrates the MatchMaker? X clamp for the ideal customized handlebar setup.

What Next?

The new site from SRAM promoting the new XX groupset can be reached here: www.sram.com/en/XX/. On the site are product development shots and testing shots plus more details on the individual technologies.

SRAM (and co) is imported into Australia by Monza Imports. Initial price indications would see the SRAM XX groupset (excluding suspension) at just over (US) $2430. Add in overheads, you should start saving now so that you can afford it when it comes to Australia. With the big marketing campaigns it is possible to see SRAM XX in retail this year.

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