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Team Diary: ISD Neri on their first Giro

In the last stage of Tour of Italy, Giovanni Visconti arrived sixth (first of Italian riders, at 2" from Bruseghin). The comments of managers and riders about the first tour of Italy for the team.

"Our first tour of Italy was a wonderful and important experience. We tried to win all the day and we have done a lot of actions, noted by all the person. With this behaviour we wanted to do honour to the invite received at this important race," the words of Angelo Citracca, Team Manager of ISD-NERI.

The sportive director Luca Scinto is in agreed with the manager, and add: "I’m satisfied for the behaviour of the riders invited to the Tour of Italy and I think that with our escapes and results we have demonstrated the quality of our team".

The captain of the team, Giovanni Visconti, has a good Tour of Italy, unfortunately without a great result: "I have no regret for my Tour of Italy. I tried a lot of actions and I was protagonist in a lot of stages. I’m sure that a victory would been the right results for me, but I wasn’t lucky. Now I’ll think to the next races, particularly  the Italian Championship".

The first tour of Italy for ISD-NERI was full of placements, thanks to Oscar Gatto (6th in Trieste, 7th in Valdobbiadene, 9th in Arenzano), Giovanni Visconti (9th in Benevento, 8th in Anagni, 6th in the chronometer of Rome and winner of final classification for intermediate goal), Dmytro Grabovskyy (5th in Benevento) Andrey Grivko (6th in Chiavenna, 9th in San Luca, 6th  in Faenza). Grivko was also the best rider in the general classification, 22nd at 39:19". No great results, but a lot of placements that demonstrate the quality of the team in their first year.

Website: Team ISD NERI

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