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The Park Tool DS-1 Digital Scale

Admit it. You really, really wanna know. How much does you bike weigh? Is it really as light as you think?

The DS-1 Digital Scale from Park Tool is a versatile digital scale built to accurately weigh bikes, frames, and components.

Uniquely designed to be clamped solidly into a Park Tool workstand clamp stand or hung from a hook to weight things like frames and wheels. The dual posistion silicone-coated hook protects your frame’s finish and prevents it from sliding.

Park Tool DS-1Its LCD display is easy to read and can measure in both kilograms to the hundredth and pounds to the ounce. In kilograms it measures and displays to .02 kg (.02 kg = 20 grams). In the pounds mode the resolution is 1 oz. (1 oz. = 28.35g). The precision of the DS-1 is second-to-none.and its accuracy is rated to 0.005%.

It’s built with a rugged, shock-resistant rubber housing to endure the typical abuse of a bike workshop. Batteries are included, and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Park Tool is imported into Australia by Steve Cramer Products and Pacific Brands.

Christopher Jones
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