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Ballan and Teammates Showcase 2010 Wilier Models

Wilier Triestina USA has announced that ProTour Team Lampre is riding two new Wilier production models at the 2009 edition of the Tour de France. Team Lampre showed off the new competition models for 2010, at Monaco including the Cento1 Superleggera and the Tri-Crono time trial bike.
The Cento1 Superleggera (“Superlight” or “SL”) is identical in form and technical characteristics as the award-winning Cento1 and was already ProTour proven before the Grand D?part, having been ridden by members of Team Lampre at the Giro d’Italia. The monocoque composition of the Cento1 SL benefits from three innovations: 1) a larger scale implementation of carbon wonder-material 46 Ton, 2) the strategic application of 60 Ton in key stress areas, and 3) the enhanced directional orientation of both those materials. The final layer of carbon added before the monocoque mold is set for curing is designed to dampen road vibrations as well as make the frame more impact-resistant.

Wilier Super Leggera 2010
Wilier also redesigned the bottom bracket shell and head tube to reduce weight, and went even further by utilizing the latest in paint and clear coat technology to shave grams. All of these efforts have resulted in a weight savings of 130gr.
With the success of the Cento Crono in both the ProTour and in professional triathlon, Wilier dealers and customers asked for a more affordable version of the TT superbike to satisfy broader demand. The new Tri-Crono is a slightly revamped version of the Cento Crono which provides the same waveform dynamics aerodynamic design, performance features and carbon composition, while targeting a more aggressive price point. The Tri-Crono has become the official time trial bike of Team Lampre.

Wilier Tri Crono
Angelo Cilli, President of Wilier Triestina USA, said, “We believe that in this era of composites technology and bike development, the number one priority is thoughtful innovation. By thoughtful I mean are not only looking to create bikes that are among the lightest and most aerodynamic – they must also ride and handle ‘like a Wilier,’ which has made our bikes famous since 1906. We are happy to announce that our 2010 product line lives up to those expectations in every way.”

Wilier are imported into Australia by De Grandi Cycle & Sport

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