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RockShox 2010 All Mountain Lyric fork

Press Release: The RockShox Lyrik is an all mountain trail fork and in 2010 features configuration options such as 170 mm travel or various damper and coils which make it versatile in tailoring to individual riders needs – Crossover is the name of the game with Lyrik.

The most substantial update is realised in the ride quality or “feel” of the two Mission Control dampers. The first is the re-valved Mission Control damper for this model year. The mentality behind this damper stays the same, the floodgate is intact as one of the quickest and easiest climbing tools in the all mountain realm, while we slightly changed the compression tune for better bump performance.

The second completely new damper, Mission Control DH, is aimed at the rider who prefers the descent. This option is purely focused on bump performance. Both dampers share updates to their rebound damping, which now features a larger displacement shaft and the removal of an internal tube, so a larger rebound piston can be utilized.

The Lyrik update also means weight savings for the new forks. A new Maxle Lite, built specifically for All Mountain and Freeride platforms, and an updated solo air assembly produce a perceivable 70 gram reduction in an already sleek and sturdy chassis.

RockShox is imported into Australia by Monza Imports

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