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Silence-Lotto Reactions After Stage 2

"During the stage, our job was to keep Cadel at the head of the pack, and we have succeeded. But I was happy from the start on, and I did enjoy the whole day." said Greg Van Avermaet

"I wanted to take pert to the sprint, but this is no Vuelta! Every one pushed or pulled. Some AG2R chap pushed me one meter away, while about ten riders continues straight on instead of turning right. I did not have a chance!".

Jurgen Van den Broeck was involved in a crash and finished on the melting asphalt. "With no harm, except that I finished with a slightly bent rear wheel. Some job for the mechanics".

Some panic was growing at the Silence-Lotto coach as Matthew Lloyd had not showed up ten minutes after the finish. Our Australian rider had taken the wrong way after arriving, and it took him some time to find where the coach was parked.

As he eventually arrived, two Aussies sighted with relief: Matthew’s parents wanted to surprise him, but in the end, it was he who surprised them!.

Cadel Evans had a broad smile Sunday night on the on the massage table of osteopath David Bombeke.

"No news, thus good news. This morning, the Kookeiland cooks made pancakes for me, the sun is shining almost as good as in Australia, the team has perfectly worked to keep me at the head of the pack, and now my legs are being massaged."

Everybody confirms that Cadel is much more relaxed now than last year at the beginning of the Tour.

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