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Silence-Lotto Reactions After Stage 3

Cadel Evans did obviously not expect Stage 3 to turn out like it did.. Till then, he was full of composure, full of confidence in the results of tomorrow’s TTT. But a little trick by Team Columbia obliged Cadel to see and feel things quite otherwise.

But the "new" Cadel Evans did not avoid the press. After have taken quick refreshment, he was out of the team’s coach to meet the critics of the reporters.

"How I am feeling ? Bad. But this is the Tour, anything can happen everyday. Therefore Tour de France attracts people. The most dangerous days are those you do not expect to be. The trouble is, we were riding too quietly. And it happened in a few seconds. While all Columbia was riding at the head to keep Cavendish out of the wind. Armstrong may thank these people; he was with perfect allied to feel "alive and kicking". And now, quickly to the hotel.

I was riding too much to the rear, maybe in 40th spot, as it happened. And only Silence-Lotto has chased, I saw no one of the teams of the other contenders to the final podium."

"Where was Rabobank? Happily enough, Cadel finished on Saturday ahead of Armstrong, these 15 seconds will be handy now."

Greg Van Avermaet commented, "It is not pleasant to lose in such a way. I was riding too much near the rear when the peloton exploded. I rode immediately to the front, hoping that Cadel was with them. Nope. Silly, a pity."

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