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Team Caisse d’Epargne takes 7th in the Team Time Trial

The team Caisse d’Epargne placed 7th of the 4th stage of the Tour de France, a 39 kilometers team time trial around Montpellier.

“In spite of the fact that we were the first team to start and that as a consequence we had no reference about our time we realized a very good one”, explained Oscar Pereiro a few minutes after his team crossed the finishing line.

“The course chosen by the organizers was very hard and technical and also dangerous. But fortunately our team suffered no crash. The roads were narrow ones with many curves, which is rather atypical for such a race because it was not possible to give turns the way we usually do it but it was great show for the public. After the Dauphin? Lib?r?, we came and see the course so that we knew what to expect. Our team did a great job today and I believe that we must be very happy with what we achieved today.”

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