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Fixie Inc. overview of 2010 range

In 2010 Fixie have as usual some great looking bikes as well as a new Fixie with a brand new CarbonDrive belt drive and the Kickflip  fixed/free rear hub. Lets take a look at the 2010 range of bikes and if your into bicycle polo they have something for you as well.

For 2010 FIXIE Inc. presents a raft of new developments; from the revolutionary GATES belt drive and newly developed JigSaw coupler system on the Peacemaker, the completely new and clearly retro Black Jack to the new entry level model Backspin, every model is updated.
Road Race and Cross models have been refreshed across the board. New geometries, re- fined tube sets and re-engineered dropouts are the main highlights. FIXIE Inc. places great importance in pure innovation in detail.

Fixie Inc. PeaceMaker 2010

Peacemaker 2010
– world’s first Gates Carbondrive fixed/free Flipflop belt drive bike
– newly developed JigSaw Coupler system
– fixed fitting now possible without special tools
– revised geometry
– revised SL stainless steel dropouts

As a pioneer in this area FIXIE Inc. will offer the Peacemaker exclusively with the Gates Carbon drive belt drive. A hugely extended lifespan with zero maintenance, lower weight and a quieter drivetrain – these numerous advantages give a city bike such as the Peacemaker an even higher performance. Many new developments were required to realize this project: a new JigSaw fastening segment was developed in order to allow the belt to be inserted into the frame rear triangle without bending open the chainstay. With its special inner form the JigSaw can still withstand bending and torsion forces. The segment was consciously kept away from the main flow of forces – dropout-chainstay-bottom bracket, so as to not compromise these areas.

In addition a new rear cog profile has been designed in conjunction with Gates Germany / Nicolai which allows fixed- and freewheel cogs and maintains an identical belt line in both modes. Using a new mounting standard, fitting a fixed rear cog no longer requires special tools. This increases the user-friendliness dramatically and reduces the risk of incorrect fitting. As the belt drive is wider than a chain the 135mm rear spacing is retained giving maximum rear wheel strength.  The existing stainless steel dropouts have been re-engineered and thanks to new cut outs look even sleeker than before.

The geometry has been completely revised to achieve a balanced yet lively ride. The styling retains the basic colour “Ice White Shut” and adds blue decaling to accent the blue inside of the drive belt. The black anodized component package is understated and draws our view to the frameset. In spite of a higher price than last year the Peacemaker is still outstanding value for money.

Fixie Inc. Backspin 2010

Backspin 2010
– new model for 2010
– fixed gear, BMX and audio
– Basis model for less than 850,- EUR
– double cages, lowriser, padless saddle
– high quality steel frame with FI dropouts

The Backspin is the answer to all those clamouring for an entry level FIXIE Inc. Bike.

At just 850,- Euro, yet equipped with our own investment cast FI dropouts and with an effect finish at the usual impeccable level of quality. To complete the mix add fixed gear, BMX and audio with  double cage toe clips, lowriser bar and upgrade compatible 120mm rear spacing with a flip flop wheelset.  A sturdy, retro BMX saddle without padding finishes off the bike.  With the Backspin FIXIE Inc joins the ranks of starter fixies and offers an exciting new take on this growing segment.

Fixie Inc. BlackJack 2010

Black Jack 2010

– 120mm rear spacing
– revised geometry
– revised SL stainless steel dropouts
– specially selected components

For 2010 the Black Jack has been completely re-styled. In order to make a clearer distinction to its sister model he Peacemaker and to formulate the retro singlespeed/fixed gear theme even more clearly, numerous components have been refined. This includes the comfortable new Seagull handlebar, threaded headset and a height adjustable, polished quill stem.   The lugged frame has been reworked and offers new geometry, SL dropouts and 120mm rear spacing. A special highlight is the top tube banderole in the form of a polished and brazed stainless steel plate. The colour scheme returns to the roots of the Black Jack as a timeless arrangement of gloss and matt black tones combined with mirror polished stainless steel surfaces. This is contrasted with the classic real leather saddle and bar tape – the quintessential retro benchmarks.

Fixie Inc. PurBlood 2010

Pure Blood 2010

– refined tubeset
– new geometry with additional XS frame size
– IDS dropouts and fork now with direct Postmount fittings

The Pure Blood Cyclocrosser has seen extensive revisions for 2010. Alongside new geometry and an additional XS frame size the decaling has been refreshed in homage to the Chiprace. The selection and forming of the tubeset has been further refined to achieve greater rigidity and a better riding performance. The seat tube diameter has been reduced to fit 27,2mm seat posts, increasing ride comfort. The proven modular IDS-dropout system (exchangeable dropouts for singlespeed or derailleur gears) has been improved with geared versions now featuring Direct Postmount (DiPS), allowing Postmount-disc brake calipers to be fitted without adapters. The DiscO fork has been correspondingly modified to allow DiPS use. For 2010 the Pure Blood will be seen with the brand new SRAM Force groupset and mainly black finishing kit.

Fixie Inc. BettyLeads 2010

Betty Leeds 2010
– refined tubeset
– new geometry with 27,2mm seat post
– Detail improvements to frames

The 2010 Betty Leeds features a host of subtle improvements.  New geometry, a revised fork and new tube profiles optimise the ride and increase frame stiffness. The seat tube now accepts a  27,2mm seat post offering a higher level of ride comfort. The proven CNC SL dropouts remain unchanged. For 2010 the Betty Leeds will be seen with the brand new SRAM Force groupset, mainly black finishing kit and the usual classic, yet understated finish.

Fixie Inc. ChipRace 2010

Chiprace 2010

– revised geometry
– new lighter Reynolds 953 chainstays
– custom painted EASTON EC-90SL fork

Subtle refinement also characterizes the 2010 Chiprace, the FIXIE Inc. Reynolds 953 flagship. Detail improvements to the frame combined with revised geometry. New lighter chainstays have been developed together with Reynolds Tubing. The frame kit is now available with a custom painted full carbon EASTON EC-90SL fork.

Fixie Inc. Mo's Mallet

Mo?s Mallet
We share the same big love for bikepolo like you do. We believe that everybody enjoys playing for sure, but only a few of us do so in building a new mallet or replacing a worn mallet head by themselves. Therefore, we decided to produce bikepolo mallets modular constructed with standard diameters and head dimensions to keep any replacement a thing of a minute.

Editor: The Mallet uses the same basic construction as home made mallets though it has been rumoured that the price tag is in Germany 50 Euro which would mean that should it become available in Australia, you can start saving now.

Fixie Inc. do not have an Australian importer however can be purchase online from Germany or the UK.

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