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Interview with Brett Voss of 2XU

RC (BNA) chats with Brett Voss of 2XU, one of the fastest growing sports wear companies which is recognised internationally. WIth the popularity, 2XU have just launched a Flagship store in Sydney’s Oxford street.

BNA: Can you tell us about your role at 2XU the company?

2XU Compression Brand manager – coordinating activities for compression

BNA: Tell us about your relationship with the AIS and their cyclists?

Brett Voss: We have a strong relationship with the AIS and they have chosen 2XU Compression above all other brands to forge a relationship with based on the performance capabilities of the product.

BNA: We have seen a lot of changes over the recent years in fabrics for aero dynamics as well as recovery, how do the 2XU garments work?

Brett Voss: 2XU have a range of fabrics that aide the overall performance of the wearer of the garment. Compression garments aide recovery and performance via couple of different ways. During exercise compression garments act as a muscle containment device and reduce muscle oscillation and swelling that occurs during exercise. The containment therefore reduces the amount of muscle damage that occurs thus maintaining output for a longer period of time and reducing soreness post exercise. Post exercise one of the main benefits is the ability of graduated compression garments to aid venous blood return back to the heart enabling greater distribution of oxygenated blood out to regenerating muscles. This heightened circulation reduces recovery times.

BNA: How does 2XU garments positively influence physiological parameters during training?

Brett Voss: There are a few different benefits that are coming through in a variety of studies however the benefits outlined above are the benefits that seem to be thoroughly proven.

BNA: The governing body rules have been very strict on clothing; do you see 2XU compression clothing as a major step forward in performance and recovery?

Brett Voss: 2XU Compression is a major step forward in the way that it can help reduces the effects that intense exercise has on performance output. Some of the studies in recent times have concentrated on cyclists and they are showing that cyclists can operate more efficiently when wearing compression.

BNA: Recovery compression garments offer great potential benefits. How have you engineered the right freedom of movement and the correct compression graduation?

Brett Voss: By using a circular knit structure, 2XU Compression garments are able to have a full 360 degree stretch and therefore have increased durability throughout the life of the garment. A pleasant benefit of this circular knit is the breathability and wearability of the garments that enable athletes to wear them for the necessary extended periods of time that is needed to get the full benefits from the garments. We have tailored the graduation in our compression garments through a strong association with the Victorian Institute of Sport and with the use of a skin pressure measuring device. We hope to continue to understand the correct levels of pressure that are needed through our relationship with the AIS and the VIS going forward.

BNA: What are the effects of wearing compression shorts during training?

Brett Voss: Compression shorts have the main effect of stabilising the muscles and reducing damage and fatigue that occurs during exercise.

BNA: In Australia as we can order gear in Aus from the UK for half the prices how do you see the challenge between online sales and retail outlets?

Brett Voss: I’m not sure if half the price is accurate especially when you take into consideration freight but it is an ongoing issue that we are trying to stay on top off. With online retailers certain areas can take advantage of stronger currencies but we are currently looking at a range of options to combat this and protect the premium nature of the product and our Australian retailers.

BNA: Thank you for your time.

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