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Soeder 1st and Pooley 2nd as Cerv?lo dominates Swiss Grand Prix

The race ridden in sunny beautiful weather was dominated by Cerv?lo TestTeam with Christiane Soeder winning the race and teammate Emma Pooley taking second. Karin Th?rig (Bigla) took third, while Cerv?lo’s Emilie Aubry finished fifth.

"With the shot of the start gun we started with our attacks," said Sports Director Manel Lacambra. "Emily was in the first lap breakaway but the peloton came back together in the second lap. Christiane used this chance to make a counterattack and was successful. She then raced solo for the 6 remaining laps to win the race. Emma tried another attack in the 4th lap and was also successful securing second place.

Between Pooley and the bunch, Karin Th?rig arrived in third position. Emily Aubry then made a great sprint out of the bunch and finished fifth behind Jessica Schneeberger who had better legs at the end today."

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