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Innovations from Trelock

Trelock products are known to be tough, hefty and a good deterrent to thieves looking to ride off with your stead. Presented are a (dynamo powered) headlight, new folding locks and new chains with security protection between level 2 and 5.

Trelock Bike-i DuoSafety – Security – Control: Trelock
The dynamo front headlight Bike-i from Trelock has vision of up to 70 metres and visibility of up to 1200 metres. The new Bike-i? duo series is characterised by its extremely small and compact design with an integrated reflector.

Trelock now offers the LS 330 front headlight and the LS 320 battery-powered reflector in a “White Edition”. The new “White” supports the existing optical lightness of this aerodynamic and stylistic bicycle lighting system from Trelock.

Folding locks, 3 series
New security unfolds. The new FS 455 Cops? Compact with the recognised Trelock folding lock bracket system has quality and security improvements made within the framework of Security Level 4. This new folding lock is also offered by Trelock as the FS 450 Cops? Compact with a textile transportation bag.

The new Trelock folding lock is considerably more easy to use in everyday situations. Alongside the tried and tested product features, the optical control features ensure easier operation. In addition, the locking process is made easier thanks to the modified positioning of the locking mechanism.

Other new innovations to be introduced will include Security Level 3 bicycle locks and bike chains. The Trelock Dragon Line in Security Level 3 includes the PK 340 an armoured cable lock with lengths of 90 and 110 centimetres, the KS 340 cable lock (available at 85 or 120 centimetres in length) and the SK 340 spiral cable lock (180 centimetres in length with two cable diameters to choose from). Specially designed for the Trelock Dragon Line bicycle locks of Security Levels 2, 3 and 4, Trelock has developed the new Vario TubeTM saddle tube bracket.

Trelock Chains
The seven new chains from Trelock are designed to meet the Trelock Security Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5, and are available in chains lengths of up to 1.10 metres.

Trelock products are distributed by Charles Purton Imports

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